LF_R (Lo-Fi Rhythms) delivers a great variety of homemade rhythms created with acoustic objects and synth additions.

- 6 rhythmic layers combined;
- ability to use any rhythm with any sound modifier;
- advanced double-randomizing system;
- requires 51 MB on your computer;
- requires full version of NI Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher.

Appropriate for Education Support discounts.

LF_R (we prefer to pronounce it as [el’fa:]) brings you the guilty pleasure of totally imperfect custom homemade rhythms. Hits, slaps, scratches and throws of different objects, accompanied by synth FX, create infinite variants of humanized, uneven, rough rhythm patterns which can instantly immerse you into the world of additional multi-layered tiny percussion.

In LF_R you can combine up to 6 different rhythms usign great variety of acoustic and synth sound modifiers. LF_R features an advanced system of per-rhythm controls including both basic (volume, pan, speed) and effectual parts. The heart of LF_R is the double-randomizing system that allows you to create a new pattern and apply enhanced effects chains with just 2 clicks.