These are just the most typical questions about our products. If you have any question beyond that, or these tips do not help you, please contact us here.

Payment Failed

If you want to buy a product and the payment fails, please try again a bit later. We know that Gumroad, the platform of our shop, experiences such troubles occasionally (mostly with PayPal payments). If the trouble remains, please contact the support team of Gumroad.

Using Discount Code

A discount code is used while applying the Education Support discount or a special offer. The code is entered in the respective field while making a purchase. Please check the instructions sent to you with the codes.

Download Failed

If you buy our product and get no information how to download it, please contact the support team of Gumroad, the platform of our shop.

Download Empty or Broken

All our products are distributed in ZIP archives. If you download a ZIP and it does not open, or opens empty or broken, please try downloading again using another browser. At the moment we know troubles with Google Chrome on OS X (Safari is recommended in this case).

Download Not Opening

If you download the product file and can not open it, please note that you need a ZIP archiver to open and uncompress the downloaded file. Usually Windows and OS X can do it without any tweaks. Otherwise, please look for a ZIP archiver like this:

The "Libraries" Tab

Our sample libraries are not encoded to be used with Kontakt Player, so they can not be added to the "Libraries" tab. Please load them from the "Files" tab or the "Quick Load" area.

Files Missing

If you face a message about missing files while loading a Kontakt instrument, please try to point Kontakt to the core folder of the library, where both all instruments and resource folder are located. If the trouble remains, please re-download the library.