Swift Guitar

Swift Guitar is a versatile steel-string virtual guitar. It is a fast way to create live-sounding guitar parts in your compositions. This library features a sweet balanced tone: it is rich enough yet not overweight, so it will easily blend in your mix.

- solo and strummer parts;
- 47 chords in each key;
- 3 playing positions;
- easy-to-use keyswitch system;
- requires 2.25 GB on your harddrive;
- requires full retail version of NI Kontakt 5.8.0+.

Appropriate for Education Support discounts.

Listen to Swift Guitar

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Solo Mode

Swift Guitar in Solo mode allows to play the full guitar range. Here the string choice and playing position is intelligently managed by your play.

Strummer Mode

Strummer mode has two playing options: free Strum and programmed Rhythm. In both options you can switch between tonalities and chords with keyswitches. There also are controllers of double tracking, playing positions and pattern settings. Down and up strums themselves are triggered with white keys.