License Agreement

By purchasing and (or) downloading a sample library (a product) you accept the following agreement and confirm that you understand its terms and conditions:

The product is licensed, but not sold only to a single user (you) by Sketch Sampling (the developer). Usage and storage of an illegal copy of the product is prohibited. The product and all its components are the property of the developer and remain to be such property after licensing. This license grants you the right to use the product for commercial and non-commercial audio and audiovisual projects, such as music, sound design, film or videogame scores.

This license forbids transferring, resale and redistribution of the products and (or) its components in any form without an obvious written consent of the developer. The license can neither be transferred or resold. This license also forbids using the product by any means for developing any kind of hardware or software instruments, synthesizer presets, sound banks, sample libraries or sample packs.

Purchased license and installed copies of the product can not be returned. The developer does not provide refunds. The developer does not hold responsibility for any direct or indirect loss, harm, damage or other consequences of use of the product.

This license agreement becomes effective from the moment of purchasing or downloading the product by any means, starting upon the earliest action. The license is effective until termination. The license is terminated if you break any condition of this agreement. Upon termination you must completely destroy all received copies of the product at your own expense.

This agreement is applicable to all sample libraries of Sketch Sampling mentioned on this website.